Erika Nurnberg Dip RM
Lymphoedema Therapy & Lymphatic Drainage

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How often should I have a treatment?

It depends on your condition, and personal goals. For general wellbeing: Regular Lymphatic Drainage treatments assist your body in maintaining good lymphatic flow around the body; removing toxins and fluid build up. For after surgery: It is beneficial to have regular lymphatic drainage treatments. This will help restore your natural body balance, and accelerate the healing process. For Lymphoedema patients: It is important to have a treatment program, to eliminate the risk of developing an infection.

When should I have my treatment?

Pre and post surgery patients, and for general wellness: After a gym or hydrotherapy session is best. This allows the body to heal faster. Lymphatic Drainage Therapy clears the lymph system, and reduces swelling which occurs after increased circulation and movement. Lymphoedema patients should act quickly as soon as symptoms of Lymphoedema present. It is possible in some cases to reverse this condition if treatment is done in the early stages of the condition.

Early signs and symptoms of Lymphoedema to look for include:

  • A feeling of heaviness, tightness or fullness in the limb or body part
  • Swelling (you may notice indentations in the skin from tight clothing, jewellery or shoes)
  • Ache, pain or tension in the limb or body part